How to Grow Your Baby’s Brain in 7 Days Using Music Learning

New Baby? Congratulations!

You’re now in a front row position to witness the amazing process of human development. Every second, 30 million neural transactions (responsible for brain growth) are occurring in your baby’s brain. Increasingly, neuroscience findings are pointing to one activity in particular, that has a significant positive impact of brain development.  It’s music learning. If done daily in early childhood years it will have a significant positive effect on your child’s brain development.

Music learning is the term given by neuroscientists for the type of music practice that improves cognitive development.

The studies now show that your child’s music learning must combine development of movement, singing and playing instruments to create positive neurological change.

BLMF On Demand has embedded a scientific methodology across the whole 7 course program from birth to school age. Use our music learning program for 7 days and see for yourself how fast music can help wire those transactions into faster better brain growth.

Everyone’s is saying it and it’s true. The time goes by so fast make sure you treasure it! 

This was actually one of the reasons program founder, Melanie Maslin created the Baby Love Music Fun program in 2006. BLMF album, Music for My First Milestones released back in 2008, claimed to help carer’s “measure and treasure your baby’s first precious milestones”.

You think you’ll always remember the big events but with so much daily change it’s hard to a keep a track. Trust me, when they’re old enough they’re also going to ask? 

When did I roll?

When did I clap?

When did I smile?

When did I take my first steps?

What was my favourite toy?

Was I a good sleeper?

When did I start solids?

BLMF On Demand music videos can help.

Why is doing this with music so good?

Did you know that music can help you remember events?

It’s why a patient with dementia can’t remember their name but when they hear a song they know, they can sing all the words no trouble. This is because science shows how music creates emotional tags against memories in your brain just like you can tag a file in a computer. When you hear the song, it will trigger the memory and the emotion tagged with it…especially if it’s emotionally significant.

So with the BLMF On Demand music course for babies we have songs and activities that go with all those special moments. You’ll remember precious first steps, first time they wave, smile, clap and more. It’s just one of the amazing ways music and babies go together like chocolate and red wine!

The extra added benefit is combining music and movement also accelerates brain development at the same time. This is what we’re really excited about sharing.

Our special fun music activities will make moments last longer too!

What if there was a way to make those moments last a bit longer?  A easy and fun framework that showed you fun milestone based activities your baby will love? We know that babies love repeating learning milestones when they learn them. With our music and paediatric development as your framework and your baby’s desire to keep learning, you will marvel at the way our music allows moments to last longer and how much your baby enjoys this type of interaction.

BLMF On Demand gives you access to science based daily music learning and interaction which is known to be the most beneficial activity a parent can do with their baby. 

So many fun activities to try – already road-tested by thousands of bubs!

BLMF On Demand gives plenty of time to get out your camera to capture daily magical moments with your new baby. You’ll know what milestones to look for and as your baby attempts and practices you’ll be ready to capture the moment. You and your new baby will love how our music and activities are designed to get you growing your connection and accelerating your new baby’s brain growth.

We use a science based milestone framework in our baby courses

Your baby’s development is quite predictable and your baby’s development leaps and stages happens on average at the same time. Paediatric milestones have been around since well before the Wonder Weeks app – they certainly did not invent this milestone framework! Baby Love Music Fun uses both international and domestic milestone frameworks to create this program from the start in 2006. We also offer downloadable milestone certificates to fill and keep track of your baby’s milestone progress – to help you measure & treasure.

Sleep Feed Play – Repeat

We are experts and can definitely help you with the play part. This type of active, interactive and stimulating play will help your baby with the other pillars of sleeping and feeding as well. 

Step inside BLMF On Demand and discover our special brand of music learning fun. It’s a clever fusion of high quality ‘real’ music which makes our program so unique and the science of music learning and human development. The resulting emotional connections between carer and child make our music learning program, classes and concerts exceptionally good fun and memorable for you both. 

Our Recommended Daily Music Learning Practice Tips

There’s lots of different ways to use your BLMF On Demand music video subscription each day.

Here’s our recommendations to make sure you discover everything we offer while trying out the course on your 7 day free trial.

Full Baby Music Classes 

Once inside BLMF Videos On Demand head to the Baby channel to select from the different full 30-40 minute Tummy Timer classes. In each of these classes you be introduced to around 8-10 different music and movement based activities that work on all your baby’s important milestones.  

Let Your Baby Choose the Time

Optimum time for music play with young babies is straight after a sleep and feed when they are now content and all other needs have been met. They’ll show you when they are ready by giving you eye contact and perhaps engaging in some turn talking.

Early on in your daily music practice be ready to follow your baby’s lead. 

For best results – you’ll want to do this at a time that suits bub best. The window of time for play might be varied at this age – when I started interactive music play with my second bub, I started from around 8 weeks and did active play for only 10 minutes before she looked away. This is a great age to start as there are so many weekly milestones to work on every day. eg eye tracking, neck strength, legs out straight not curled, reaching up, responsive smile to name a few.

Daily Routine – 20 minutes active, 10 mins calm

Babies LOVE routine and music teaches routine so well. Your baby will soon learn our Hello song and give you squeals of delight when they hear the music start. This is a great sign your baby is getting the hang of the music play. Aim for around 20 minutes each day of what we call active play – combining movement, singing and touch and then finish with 10 minutes of rhythmic rocking.

Music Routines and Games making Daily Life Happier

We’ll teach you songs to use to establish routines like nappy change, dressing and good morning and bedtime. These songs will become useful during your everyday routines and not necessarily meant to be sung with a backing track or our video.

Learning these songs with us during the class will allow you to put the song into useful practice when you need it. Grizzly baby doesn’t want nappy changed? you’ll find a quick round of “We Change your Nappy Now” will have your baby smiling again and happy to oblige.

Baby falls asleep again while feeding but needs more topping up? You might try a bit of Baby Bus Aerobics to gently wake your baby up again.

Your baby sleeps well overnight and as you greet each other for the first time in the morning you’ll be singing our Good Morning song and your baby will reward you with huge smiles. 

Educate Yourself

Learn about the benefits of music. A large body of neuro-musical research has confirmed music learning has significant benefits on brain development in the first 5 years of life.

We now know that in a baby’s brain 30 million neural transactions are occurring every second. This means the capacity for learning and brain development in this time is at it’s peak.

Take the time to watch our videos on Music and Language Development and the Importance of Beat. Designed to explain the science and how we have used in creating our program and activities.


Gather Your Instruments and Props

Enjoy 20% off instruments when you susbcribe to BLMF On Demand and if you buy this Baby Pack it comes with our 12 track downloadable album.

Please sign up for your free 7 day trial and start discovering the joy how easy and powerful music can be. You and your baby will grow with our amazing collection, there’s so many fun activities and songs to learn to help acheive every important milestone along the way.

I look forward to being your music and development guide and hope you love my singing and ideas all aimed to help advance your baby’s brain growth, grow your connection and develop a life long of music. 

Your First Class – Hello Baby

Begin with our hello baby class and work on your baby’s social milestones for 3 – 6 months. During the hello song you’ll be observing and working on your baby’s responsive smile, making eye contact and seeing if they move their head to the sound of your voice and getting them used to hearing their name. Do they turn their head when you sing to them?

Continue through the class for as long as your baby enjoys the play and is not overstimulated. If your baby starts to look away and not engage with eye contact this is a sure sign they have had enough.

Day 2 – Repeat for Response

Repeat the same class and activities looking for added connection. You will find that by repeating our music activities each day with your baby their response and connection grows quickly and daily. Repeating the same activities and music you should see more excited body movements and vocalisations. Try to new activity today be sure to try the flying on the ball song for neck strength (pictured above) Watch again for over stimulation signs and switch to rhythmic rocking activities to transition to sleep time.

Day 3 – Learn Rhythmic Rocking

The Lullaby Rock episode featuring 20 minutes of beautiful lullabies for settling all taught with our scientifically developed rhythmic rocking techniques that really work. 

This powerful video contains live singing of several beautiful lullabies from our baby courses and accompanying video of Mel rocking so you can follow her rock and tap pattern and sing along.

The combined affect of which will be extremely settling to you and your baby. Lullabies you will learn are: Rock a Bye Baby, Thula Buba, Hush Little Baby, You Are My Sunshine, I See You, Cysga Di, and our own beautiful arrangement of the Mem Fox book, Time For Bed which makes a wonderful bedtime routine song.


Day 4 – Music Time For Mat Play

Now you can even see what connections your baby is making to your music play by playing our 50 Minute music playlist for your baby while they engage in some mat play by themselves.

Observe if your baby engages vocally or moves more when they hear the music you have done together. Music is very powerful like this – don’t be suprised to see them kick their legs when our kick your legs song comes on or they open and shut their hands during open shut them.

During the self play you can still chat with your baby about what you see them doing and the songs you also now recgonise together. Makes for easy conversation which is essential activity to do for your growing baby’s language development

Day 5 – Are You Getting A Response?

Practice key music skills daily. By now you’ll have noticed which songs and music your baby is really responding to. You can find that music on our playlist and revisit it again often.  If your baby is not showing signs of responding to music yet try working on some key music learning activities like Dance Little Baby which works on moving to a beat to music and seeing if your baby responds to your movement in time to your beat.

You can also visit our 10 Minutes Series for Key Music Learning Skills – like Bouncing Activities. Perfect for not only building neck strength and gross motor coordination but also learning to internalise the beat.

Day 6 – Join Our Community

By now if you’ve tried all my suggestions I know you’ll be loving our program and can already see the amazing connections music makes between you and your baby. If you need tips on props and instruments you can watch our handy tip videos found in the Q&A section.

Join our Facebook community and keep newsletter to stay connected with any member and exciting music science updates. We offer run Facebook live sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Day 7 – Book A Zoom Class

Included in your subscription is a free weekly Zoom class with a BLMF instructors. To book simply email to and we will arrange for you to join a class already running.

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