What is BLMF?

Baby Love Music Fun® is a music and early childhood development program delivered over 7 stages for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and the adults who love them.

Music class meets Neuromusical Science

This is a music class that is a unique fusion of:

  • Developmental Science of the Child (0-5 years)
  • Neuromusical research,
  • A wide variety of music types and forms including live opera singing, and
  • creating life-long emotional connections between parent and child and the child and music 

You will :

    • Learn how to use this to create emotional connections between you and child
    • Learn how to use music to accelerate your child’s learning abilities and neural development
    • Watch your child love learning music
    • Enjoy having a musical child and will continue wanting a musical education (yes! wanting to play an instrument)

The program places a strong emphasis on parents and carers singing and engaging actively in movements with their baby.

 In creating our program we have aligned our music activities to the milestones checklists in two published early childhood milestone guidelines and we continue to monitor development guidelines such as those in the Department of Education Framework or (EYLF).  

We have highly creative and great fun activities that promote milestone development in key areas of gross motor, fine-motor, speech, language and hearing and social behaviour in age and developmentally specific courses.

Our research and development continues and we change and update our program in accordance with current neuromusical research and our own findings. In class observations made in over 13 years of teaching supports the value of the neuromusical research embedded in our program in particular research on in-sync movement to beat and the importance of making high quality brain sound recordings for superior auditory development. Children who attend Baby Love Music Fun are fortunate to experience this sophisticated level of music education and furthermore child graduates of the program at just 5 years of age and having attended between 2-5 years of musical education with us can be assured that the benefits of this music education in the formative brain development years of 0-5 years will have created permanent positive neurological change in their brain. 

​BLMF was born along with Melanie’s first child in 2006. Armed with years of professional musical performance and teaching experience, cutting edge neuroscience findings, a new baby and a parents group, she started experimenting with combining music and milestone development through singing and movement activities.  The babies and parents ALL loved it and the Baby Love Music Fun began its first term. This first parents group became the first graduates of Baby Love Music Fun in 2011 staying with the program until turning 3 years which was where the program initially stopped.

Melanie has always enjoyed music research completing a Masters at Monash University in acoustical and perceptual analysis of operatic duet singing in 1999. This interest in research led her to follow the neurological research with particular interest in the area of music education for children – especially on having her own children. At that time in 2006, small studies on adults and children and in neuromusical research were starting to show links between improved language centres in the brain through musical interactivity and neurological research also indicated that the most important period of wiring in the human brain occurs in the period 0-3 years. Studies also indicated that musical interaction in groups offered more neurological benefits. Her interest in the neuromusical research informed the development of the musical activities as the courses were developed. It is an exciting time to be a music educator as we have evidence of significant longitudinal neuromusical studies confirming that music eduction assists three big areas in the brain: language, executive function and social skills.  Melanie is an accredited Bigger Better Brains Educator having completed the course with Dr Anita Collins in August 2019.

Baby Love Music Fun® produces, arranges and performs Interactive Baby and Toddler music performances and concerts services and has produced over 12 different concert series for the Melbourne Recital Centre in Melbourne and in Penang Malaysia at Penang PAC and in Singapore and for Gym Angel in China.

Founded in Melbourne 2006, licenced in Penang in 2010, licenced in Singapore in 2013 and licenced in China in 2016.

 We have created our own quality music that promotes culture, development and fun with our thoroughly entertaining new lyrics to great opera and classical tunes.

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