Dance with Your Baby to Hey Soul Bubba an original parody of Hey Soul Sister by Train

Dance with Your Baby to Hey Soul Bubba an original parody of Hey Soul Sister by Train

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You’ve got to learn to laugh because parenting is hard work. Here’s a fun song to help you to see the funny side of having a new baby.

This hilarious parody will make you laugh and feel like dancing with your baby. When you laugh, your baby will laugh and when you move to music together it does amazing things for brain development too.

Dancing to music has known benefits. 

You can achieve many brain benefits for you and your child just by dancing to music with a strong beat.  It can boost immunity, boost mood (yours and theirs) and it can make them like you and want to help you!!! This fun parody to Hey Soul Sister by Train was written by Melanie Maslin so you can easily experience these effects yourself.

Just by singing and dancing with your baby you are helping your baby’s brain development.

Music for interaction with babies should always be fun and never boring. I love dancing to this song and the chorus is easy to sing. We hope you’ll enjoy our fun baby-centric words that are really poking fun at the non-glamourous, tiring side of having a newborn. Did you know changing the words to songs is a great way for you to work on your own brain development as well? It can, so it’s time to counter that baby brain fog with some clever lyrics and singing. You can sing and dance while holding your baby in your arms. This is also a lovely thing to capture on video because something special happens to a baby’s face when you dance with them. Try it – you’ll see what I mean.

Find the right music to get you in the mood

If you’re like me you might prefer to dance to fun pop songs like this one. It’s got to be the right piece to get me in the mood to dance especially when I’m tired. Classical music doesn’t often get me on my feet. The song Hey Soul Sister has a the perfect strong beat and enjoyable chorus to try this with your baby. Dancing and singing along to this song with your baby will connect you to your child both physically (by holding them) and psychologically (by moving to music together).

Why Baby Love Music Fun activities work so well.

The Baby Love Music Fun program was created by Melanie Maslin in 2006 and was the first program of it’s kind to combine neuro-musical research, milestone development and music learning for babies. The program founder is talented musician, educator and neuromusical science expert and BLMF combines these disciplines to present high quality first musical experiences that connect brain, heart and body.  

See it for yourself.


This video features footage of some of the amazing babies and families Mel has worked with during her 15 years as a program creator and teacher. You can see clearly the types of rhythmic in sync dancing and bouncing we have embedded across the program over many years. Turn up the music, grab your baby and get ready to send a rush of endorphins through you and your child’s body. Have fun – love Mel xxx

Fantastic for your baby. I’ve been doing the classes since Angus was 5 months and it has been great fun for both of us. He is now almost 11 months and loves the interaction and music. It is great fun.



Thank you to all the families who appear in this video clip. I can remember all of you. If you appear in the video get in touch. I would love to know how many of them have continued their love of music and now sing in a choir, get on stage or play an instrument. Please drop me a line I would love to hear from you.

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